A Homemade Gift for your Sweetie

Posted on January 27, 2015 by Kristin deNeeve

It's hard to believe Valentine's Day is in only 2 weeks. Yet as a card maker, I've had Vday on my brain ever since I started working on our new card designs. This year's designs include the usual mix of sweetness and wit, but I also threw in a bit of raunchiness just for fun.

Still in the midst of my usual holiday spending hangover, I decided I'd get creative and make a Valentine's Day gift for my husband. I looked online for some DIY Valentine's Day gift ideas, and I'm not joking, ALL of them sucked. Mason jars full of pink jellybeans and flowers made from construction paper reminded me of the gifts I would give my mom when I was 8. Then I remembered one particular gift I gave to my poor mother: a coupon book filled with lame promises of dish washing and unlimited hugs. And I thought, why not make a coupon book, tailored just for my husband? Here's an example of some coupons I'd include in the book:

    • 2 hours of Netflix tv/movies of his choice, with no complaints or eye rolls from me
    • 1 viewing of the movie "Touching the Void" without any of my grumblings about the dangers of ice climbing
    • 2 meals out at any restaurant of his choice, and I will comply
    • 1 hour of Natalie Merchant, Phil Collins (or a combination of the two) and I will not try to shut it off or exit the premises
    • 2 times he can say "tits" without getting slapped, pinched, or punched
    • 1 public outing when he can wear his tan Patagonia fleece without ridicule (from me, anyway)

    You can customize your coupons to fit your partner and his or her quirks. And don't forget to add an expiration date. Knowing my husband, he'd decide to redeem the Natalie Merchant coupon sometime in July, when I'm tired, hangry, and regretting my decision to make the coupon book. And don't forget, this gift will need some sort of creative packaging. I think a Semi Sweet Press card should do it. And what a coincidence! All of our Valentine's Day cards are 30% off from now until 2/7/15.

    Happy gift making!