Beer. Tasting. Party.

Posted on February 26, 2015 by Kristin deNeeve

Those three words, although great on their own, are even better together. This month Sacramento kicked off Sacramento Beer Week, an annual event showcasing and celebrating local craft beer. It's also the perfect time to introduce to you our Beer Tasting Party Kit, which is everything you need to throw your own beer tasting party. Um, except the glasses and beer. You gotta provide that part.

Each kit serves 8 guests and accommodates 6 beers. You'll get: tasting mats, score cards, invitations and envelopes, numbered beer tags, paper bags, pencils, and a healthy dose of irreverence. For popular folks who have more than 8 friends, you can avoid alienating them (this time) and purchase additional settings, also available in the shop.

So for those of you who would like to celebrate Beer week from afar, or those of you in Sacramento who would rather avoid the bar and brewery mayhem this week, pick up a kit during Beer Week for 25% off! No code required, sale ends 3/8/15.

Bottoms up!